Ask about our trade-in deals

We will consider your existing oven in part exchange against a new model.

Service Contracts

Contact Lesley Nelson for information on service contracts

Service department tel: +44 (0) 1268 766111

Remember breakdowns can be expensive!

Hire Ovens

Do you need to hire an oven for trial or short production runs?

Phone our sales department for current ovens available for this purpose.

Sales department tel: +44 (0) 1268 761777

Finance Solution Service

We can put you in contact with a professional company which can provide financing to purchase not only your oven but any other equipment you may wish to purchase.

Benefits are as follows:
  • Equipment Loans v Equipment Leasing
  • Leasing = 100% Finance (No Deposits + No Upfront VAT) = Better cash flow
  • Leasing = Off balance sheet financing
  • Equipment loan may restrict ability to borrow money in future
  • Most equipment leases will allow 100% write off of annual lease payments
  • Fast decisions

Sub Contract Facility

Fabrication and sheet metal sub contract is now available.

Contact our sales office for further information.