High Velocity air flow

Gas or electric heating

Variable air speeds

Ovens are designed for testing painted panels under precise temperature conditions at high belt speeds.

Special range available for simulating coil-coating ovens


Client Examples



PPG Packaging Coatings

PPG Packaging Coatings in Germany have ordered another electrically heated, forced air recirculation, mesh belt, conveyor oven to stove painted metal test panels.

The oven will be used in their research and development department to prove new coatings and techniques on thin gauge metals.

The oven uses a proven high velocity, downwards airflow which imparts the heat quickly into the metal and therefore cures the coatings. These quick cure times need to represent the fast, continuous coil coating lines in the production factory.

The oven heated length is 2000mm and is controlled over two zones, with the air speed being adjustable using inverters on the fans.

Hedinair have established this format of oven over years of supplying these ovens to this industry.