The wide range of optional features available make these suitable for almost any application from simple drying processes to exacting metal treatments.

Client examples

  1. 02-03-2013

    L.C.M Systems

    L.C.M Systems on the Isle of Wight have ordered three batch ovens of different sizes, complete with purpose designed loading racks to cure flammable adhesives around the products. They specialise in solutions for load cell technology and required bespoke ovens for their wide range of components.

  2. 03-05-2012


    Silclear in Hampshire have ordered their second batch oven to cure rubber. They are the leader in innovative silicone manufacturing of extrusions, mouldings and fabrications. The oven has internal dimensions of 2000mm cubed and can operate up to to 225c. The oven cures the silicone components, which by so doing , produces a white candy floss type deposit within the oven if not correctly continuously exhausted. Having accurate air distribution over the product and good air change per minute within the oven workspace is key to a good finish on the product.

  3. 22-02-2012

    Samuel Taylor

    Samuel Taylor in Redditch have ordered an electrically heated, forced air circulation, batch oven to supplement their existing, ageing oven. Samuel Taylor are a major manufacturer of precious metal contacts and materials. The oven will also need to have a nitrogen atmosphere to prevent oxidisation occurring on the copper contact components. This requires a very good sealing access door and indeed a well sealed oven interior to prevent the nitrogen escaping. The oven operates at 235 degrees. Hedinair's experience in producing these ovens played a major part in being awarded the order.

  4. 22-02-2012

    Messier-Dowty Ltd

    Messier-Dowty Ltd in Cheltenham are a major aircraft/spacecraft manufacture. They have ordered two electrically heated, forced air circulation, batch ovens to expand large landing gear components prior to a heat shrink operation. The ovens have an internal working space of 2100mm high x 1200mm wide x 3000mm deep. Hedinair have a good working relationship with this site going back many years and we also currently have a maintenance contract with the site, to support twelve ovens on an annual basis.

  5. virgin

    Virgin Altantic Ltd

    Virgin Altantic Airways Ltd at Heathrow have ordered a heat treatment oven to conform to the NADCAP aerospace specification for pyrometry, known as AMS 2750D. The batch oven has internal working dimensions of 800mm high x 800mm wide x 1200mm deep and will be used for the heat treatment of aluminium rivets at 495ᵒC to +/- 3ᵒC The oven will become part of their repair and maintenance facility which supports their fleet of airbus aircraft.

  6. 28-03-2010

    Martin Baker

    Martin Baker supply pilot ejection seats to the military and have over the years purchased many ovens from Hedinair to heat treat various components in their demanding manufacturing process. This time they have ordered a bespoke moisture drying oven to precisely match their loading format.