TRP Sealing in Hereford have ordered a second large batch oven sized 2000mm High x 1750mm Wide x 3700mm Long to cure various grades of rubber gaskets between 150°C to 180°C. The oven is loaded by trolleys having multiple shelve levels. The oven is heated by gas burners and has motorised vertical lifting doors at each end providing an inline production run. The fumes generated by the process are vented from the oven using a bifurcated fan which passes the fumes onto an afterburner system which then passes the fumes to atmosphere but also returns some of the clean/hot air back into the oven.

Zotefoams in South London have ordered an electrically heated, forced air recirculation conveyor oven to heat continuously fed flat material between 70°C to 120°C this material is fed from the clients own machinery. The oven is heated using three temperature zones which are manufactured as two heater tops, which can be hinged and raised by pneumatic cylinders to provide access into the oven if required. The oven is also mounted on flanged wheels which run on a railway track to allow the client to move out the production line for maintenance/cleaning.

GE Aircraft Services in Cardiff have purchased an electrically heated, forced air circulation batch oven to dry moisture from composite assemblies.

The oven has an accurate temperature uniformity of ±5°C within a working space of 1700mm H x 1800mm W x 1800mm D.

The oven will conform to the “NADCAP” AMS2750E Specification for Aerospace related regulations concerning temperature control within ovens.